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Tuesday 21st August - pictures of the area

Tuesday 21st August
Have just realised I need to write this up daily as we’re struggling to remember what we did today, the only thing that springs to mind is waking up with a major hangover!
So I am going to put on a number of photo’s which will explain why chose this area.
Seemed to spend the day on the electrics and cleaning again, although when you look at the photo’s you would not believe it, this is ongoing, you clean, then clean the cleaning and then clean once more.
Also realised that my arm had been lunch to a red ant! 8 bites on a small area, very painful, itchy and swelled up, saw the chemist and managed to explain in sat nav French how I felt and what it was, the cream was great but think I may have overdosed slightly on the anti histamines, but at least the pain is subsiding!
I spent some time on the phone to Jacqui tonight, midway through our conversation the phone went dead, as did the lights! Andy was doing something with them downstairs, so I ended up having a bath by garden solar powered light, it was very romantic.
I have finally got the blog on line properly and got to 500 hits, so now have Google ads on it; will I have a new career???? Who knows as we have made a full 2.88 euro’s so far, I’m going to be a millionaire in possibly a million years!!!!!

Top tips
1.       Do not mess with the electrics when it is dark
2.       You will never finish cleaning (each day you seem to do some cleaning, followed by some more cleaning, then you have to clean the cleaning you have already cleaned!)

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