Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Renovation project - A table from old planks - Tuesday 28th August 2012

Renovation project - A table from old planks - Tuesday 28th August
Managed to sleep without any more cat interruptions, and today is a big day, we are removing all the old pipework from the central heating system.
I am stripping the walls on the top floor, and I am sure that the paper was put up using super glue, so after soaking it 3 times with warm soapy water it still wasn’t coming off! So decided to score the walls with the corner of the scraper so that the water could soak in, this worked but when I removed the paper the wall was covered in lines, I had completely ruined the plaster!!! So my feeling pleased with myself didn’t last long when John told me he now had to replaster the walls!
When I came downstairs John and Andy had not done much on the pipe work but had built a kitchen table from the wood they took down from the stair walls, it looks amazing and the wood worm holes look even better, this is what you call recycling!
how to build a table from old planks

                                       Here's John doing the model pose, work that camera baby! ha ha ha

here's the word worm

                                                                                and the finished table!

Top tips              
1.       Remember French plaster is much softer and marks very easily


  1. French plaster is also very easy to repair - you need the product "Axton Enduit de rebouchage en pate, finition lisse" and I found that adding a tiny bit of water means you don't have to sand it much.


    1. Thanks David, but hink I may have caused too much damage lol

  2. Cheers Ray, just hoping we find enough planks to make a matching one