Sunday, 30 September 2012

Renovation project - the last wall comes down - Tuesday 25th September 2012

Renovation project - the last wall comes down - Tuesday 25th September

Get up this morning to find fresh Croissants waiting in the kitchen, I could get used to this.

Happy Birthday Calvin, he’ll be so pleased I put that on here!

Decisions are made around the day, Calvin and Liz are going to explore the enchanted forest and we are going to make a start on the attic bedroom, this is our last piece of demolition, I’m really looking forward to it.

First off John has to make sure the electrics are out of the way.

So we intend to take the wall down and turn the room in to one large bedroom.

We are also going to move the door to the centre of where the 2 current doors are.

I get to swing the lump hammer (I actually really enjoy doing this, it’s very therapeutic!) and the wall is on the way down.

By the end of the day the wall is down and the rubble bagged, the room is cleaned (well as much as it can be!) and the bed remade.

The room looks enormous, we sit and have a discussion about the doors and try to remember why we were moving the door into the bedroom, neither of us can, so we decide to leave it where it is, this will save a lot of work.

During our lunch break Sheila arrives to take me to the French class I had forgotten all about it and am currently sat in my work gear and filthy! Sheila said she had tried to call us but there appears to be a temporary fault on the line,

Calvin and Liz come back from their walk and tell us how wonderful it was, we really need to do this before the winter sets in, feel quite bad that we have lived here for 7 weeks and still haven’t made it past the trembling rock!

Liz rings home to see how the family is and the phone line is still not working! So we try to Skype but a message appears on the computer from orange stating that we have been cut off!!!!! It appears we have not paid the bill (not a good start as this is our first bill!)

There is an option to pay on line so we try to do that but the system will not accept our card, we don’t know what to do as we know we sent the direct debit as soon as it arrived, and we had also called into the bank on Friday to ensure that it had been set up.

Top Tips
1.       You will make decisions about the layout but as you start to work these decisions may change themselves.
2.       Do not over fill rubble sacks when you have to carry them down 2 flights of spiral stairs
3.       Take time to visit your area.
4.       Make sure that your direct debits are set up correctly


  1. In case you need it Orange has a English helpline 09 69 36 39 00 M-F 09:00 - 17:00

  2. Well guys its reading great and the photos are so helpful!!! You must be exhausted awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so proud of you both to get this far but then I knew you would!!! XX