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Renovation project - building supplies and mosquito's - Thursday 23rd August 2012

Renovation project - building supplies and mosquito's -  Thursday 23rd August
Woke up during the night itching like mad, I could’ve screamed, my legs and feet were on fire! Dosed myself with some cream and tried to go back to sleep.
When we got up in the morning I had bites on my legs and one right in the middle of the sole of my foot, I completely freaked thinking we had bed bugs or fleas in the house, so insisted on stripping the beds and boil washing everything, as we stripped the sheet John found a squashed mosquito, so obviously it had got trapped under the sheet and decided to eat me, I hate all insects even more now, but at least the bites weren’t as bad as the red ants.
Had to go shopping again today and set off a little later than we planned so did not arrive until 12.10, this meant we had 20 minutes to run around the shop and get all we needed before it shut for lunch (not only are Sundays and Bank Holidays taken very seriously, so are lunchtimes!) this would not be a major problem, if the lunch hours were just that, but there not, they last for 2 hours! Got all we needed from Brico Depot.

building supplies
building supplies

Went to a department store next and bought our HDMI lead, so will have a TV tonight, though to be honest we have not missed it at all, but does mean that John can now get his e-mails (he managed to break his lap top screen) but can now view them on the TV.
How good does our lounge look now, plastic garden chairs and new flat screen TV, this was one thing John wouldn’t leave behind.

I know what you're thinking, but believe me this is a major improvement,not quite our old lounge but it is getting there!

our old lounge!

The back door is finished, just need to find some antique furniture for it. Once stripped and furnished with antique locks and hinges it will be amazing.

renovation project external door
I actually had a hot bath tonight, not warm but hot enough to go ooh ooh when I got in it, John ran it for me and even lit me a candle, once in, it was soooo nice, it’s amazing what a little luxury can do, I closed my eyes and imagined a nice hotel room and promptly fell asleep, waking when it was cold again! Bugger bugger bugger back to reality!!!!!!!

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