Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Renovation project - the ensuite is almost complete - Sunday 16th September 2012

Renovation project - the ensuite is almost complete - Sunday 16th September
Wake up a bit groggy, but do feel a bit better than yesterday. We have a bit of a lazy morning, it is Sunday after all.
Take a quick walk in to the town square and buy some nice fresh bread, it still feels wonderful to be able to wander into the square and buy some fresh bread, lots of bonjours all round, the genuine friendliness never ceases to amaze me.
Time to start work again and its back into the ensuite to start to build the wall, it goes up in a few hours, but makes such a difference; it is really starting to look like a room now. 

The door frame goes in easily. (A lot easier than it was to carry up the spiral stairs!) 

We are really starting to wonder how we are going to get furniture to the upstairs rooms; think there may be a few you tube moments when we get to that stage.
The new sink unit is installed, which was not quite so easy as we have to hide the pipes, normally not a problem to channel out walls but when they are solid granite, it takes a lot more effort and yet another  power tool bites the dust, goodbye little grinder.
The toilet will have to wait until tomorrow, as the amount of work involved in installing new soil pipes is immense, plus we have discovered it will have to have a few more bends than planned, which means yet another trip to the shops! The shops can wait until tomorrow, as we need to buy a new bed and mattress for when my brother and sister in law visit at the weekend (I still don’t think they really believe me when I say it is like a building site, but we should have a fully functioning bathroom by then and a bedroom ready for them).

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