Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Living life in Portugal

Living life in Portugal


Wow it feels strange to be coming back to Jenny and John in France, we have been Jenny and John in Portugal for some time now.

But we thought it may be good to have a quick recap of what has happened in our life since we last blogged on here.

Some big changes:

  • We got married!!!!! we had a beautiful ceremony in our new house in Portugal, with family there and a dinner in the local village restaurant.
  • I have finally settled in to life in Portugal, my homesickness for France is getting less by the day. I miss our french life tremendously but I am loving the new challenges that we are facing in Portugal, but the weather is everything we had hoped it would be, we can sit on the terrace and drink fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast and this year we can make full use of the pool
  • I am coming to terms with the officialdom and have managed to sort out our health care, social security numbers, tax numbers and register the care and by tomorrow we will have Portuguese driving licenses.
  • I am getting a grasp of the language, but never again will I complain about how difficult french is to speak, in comparison it was a doodle. But I will get there
  • I have set up a new business here in Portugal advertising holiday accommodation, which is going very well and if you are thinking of taking a holiday then please have a look at this site and save yourself a fortune on commission charges by booking direct with the owners. PORTUGALHOLIDAYS4U.COM
  • We now have 2 cats, one that we adopted and then the one that our cat adopted, this was a bag of bones that he brought home and now is almost a member of the family, though if you move too quickly he will start dart out of the door.
  • Our old manor house is almost finished, we have one more bathroom to install and the garden to finish, but we have just had a warm winter with windows, a bathroom and a working fire, I feel like I am in heaven!

I celebrate my 50th birthday next year, this journey began shortly after my 40th and all i can say is, it has been one of the best decades of my life and heres to the next one.

We wish you all well and hope to see you in Portugal at some point

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