Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Project renovation - Saturday 25th August 2012

Project renovation - Saturday 25th August
OMG the alarm went off at 6.30am, it’s been a long time since we had to get up at this time, maybe we should’ve gone to bed earlier last night!
We walked to the clinic and it was so nice, the town was still sleeping on the way down (the clinic is facing the lake) it was so peaceful; it was actually a really nice thing to do. The blood tests took a few minutes as one vein wasn’t very cooperative (fantastic bruise appeared later in the day, the sort that older people get! Not somebody who is only 48 and 4 quarters ha ha ha). 
We strolled by the lake afterwards and again realised just how lucky we are to be here. Went to a cafe and sat outside having a coffee and watching the town wake up, it’s amazing how many people start work so early on a Saturday morning, but not nearly as amazing as getting blood tests done! 
huelgoat lake
huelgoat lake
huelgoat lake

As I said earlier they do them so early so that you do not have to go very long without eating, a double edged sword, as in one way very considerate but in another way getting up at 6.30am on a Saturday morning!!!!!!! The results will be with the doctor on Monday, not a week on Monday but the following Monday! I LOVE FRANCE
After our coffee we walked home, had a quick nosey on face book and updated the blog (think I may be getting a bit addicted to this) John went for nap and I decided to stay up and do a bit more. Work restarted in the afternoon, poor Andy is still doing the electrics, John sorted out all the debris from the demolished wall and I disinfected the bedroom yet again. You really do not ever finish cleaning, yet it always looks like a building site, I now fully understand the term ‘A thankless task’ but do feel better for having a room that isn’t going to make us ill.
Sat in the upstairs lounge watching a film and got that feeling we were being watched, when I looked at the window, the cat was sat outside looking in! Awww poor little thing, put a bit of meat outside it for him, as still feeling quite guilty at making him homeless (that feeling does disappear in a few days!!!! but that is anoher story)

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