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Renovation project - removing an old boiler - Wednesday 29th August

Renovation project - removing an old boiler - Wednesday 29th August
The work on the old boiler started in earnest today, John and Andy are working really hard, John doing what he enjoys most , using big tools to dismantle things! 


Take some bits to the scrap yard and arrange for the men to come and collect the rest. I get to test my French when they arrive and offer them both a coffee, expecting them to say no, they didn’t, so I make 2 coffee’s with milk, they both looked at the drinks like they were poison! I forgot that the French don’t tend to have milk and can’t do another one as we have no more water or sugar. Luckily they are polite and drink them. 
the boiler was so heavy it took all 4 men to move it!
The rooms look much better without the old pipework on the walls, it’s starting to look like a house now.

With the boiler gone, Andy has been able to get in with the last consumer unit and plug sockets, we now have a utility room and the outside toilet has a light, there are also lights in the old stable in preparation for the up coming conservatory.  John had to climb on the roof to clear the weeds, these were growing in our gutter!!!!!!

John is starting to feel much better now, the tablets are working and he has cut back on the wine, so all is good with our little world.
The rest of the week is spent stripping walls and finishing off clearing old pipes, the electrics are now almost finished, which is good as Andy will be leaving us soon. It is going to be so strange without him, he really is a part of the family now.

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