Saturday, 8 September 2012

Renovation Project - stone fireplace (or not as the case may be) Friday 31st August 2012

Renovation Project - stone fireplace (or not as the case may be) Friday 31st August
Andy has got his plans sorted for when he leaves us, he is going to set up his yacht and mobile home repairs business in Spain, his website and blog are all up and running
The wall in the living room is finally coming down and hopefully will expose a beautiful fireplace.
BUGGER it didn’t, the wall is down, it took 2 kango’s (one died part way through) and me with a lump hammer (I could hardly move the day after, my poor muscles) but was a great feeling hitting the wall and watching it come down, we even got a photo of me doing something, this is the first photo of me!
Once it was all down, the chimney was open to the ceiling and there was no ornate fireplace, gutted is an understatement. The stones in this wall are also mismatched, so will not look good even when pointed. So it’s a change of plan again, we are going to replaster the wall so that it looks like old plaster, and just have the window wall exposed.

Found out today that we have to apply for planning permission to replace the windows, we’re hoping this won’t be an issue, due to the fact that the windows are rotten and some are broken, but could still take 2 months for the agreement. Our estate agent has given us the name of an English speaking person at the Mairie (town Hall) and told us which forms to ask for.  As we live in a conservation area any work to the exterior has to have permission, even the colour we choose to paint the house and door.
We have been invited to dinner at John’s with the little dog again, this time I was cheeky and arrived with my wash bag, I had a shower, I am soooooo happy. It’s amazing how much the little things in life actually mean to you.
Top tips                                
1.       Just because you want to find an ornate fireplace, doesn’t mean you will find one!
2.       Always have a plan B for your building work
3.       Get permission for anything that requires it, if you don’t, you may have problems when you come to sell it.


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