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Renovation project, more visitors and indoor BBQ - Monday 24th September 2012

Renovation project, more visitors and indoor BBQ - Monday 24th September

Wake up this morning and the house feels so empty and quiet, there is no going down to Sheila’s to say good morning or knocks on the door, we wander around a little bit lost for the morning, it’s really hard to get back into the swing of things. So we spend a lazy morning not doing very much except moping about.
We pull ourselves together by early afternoon and realise that we have no real food in the house as we didn’t go shopping due to eating out all weekend and as my brother and sister in law have found a ferry and may be here later today, decide we had better stock the fridge and cupboards.

We go to the main supermarket in Morlaix and do a major shop, the best buy is the kilo bag of mixed seafood, this is amazing as it also contains scallops!!!! Fish risotto here we come. We also stock up on a lot of LeClercs Eco+ food, this is similar price wise to Tesco blue stripe (found in England) but the quality is that of Marks and Spencer’s, please insert your own countries luxury shop brand. Yet again proving all those armchair experts wrong (the ones that told us how expensive it was to live in France) I may have said this before, but if you do shop around it is very inexpensive to eat well in France.

As we will be having guests in the house from tonight, John decides to block all of the holes to make the house a little warmer.

This is an excellent idea we have the wood burner going and the living room tidy and the house is very toasty warm, at this point we have dinner, bacon, sausage etc cooked on the big gas BBQ. This is when we realise that the BBQ is no longer a suitable cooking implement, with holes in the ceilings and walls it had not been a problem but with a sealed house, a BBQ indoors is a big mistake! The smoke started to sting my eyes, and we had to open the big windows, it is now time to buy a proper cooker!

Calvin and Liz arrive at approx 10.30pm, it is really nice to see them, I didn’t realise just how much I had missed all of my family, my life has suddenly turned into an emotional roller coaster.

They are really happy with their bedroom and I think a little surprised as they have been following the blog, but had not managed to stay up to date with the posts showing their bed, so I think there was a lot of relief that the room was habitable, my daughter had returned saying that we lived in a building site!

Lots of catching up around the dining table and the end of another day.

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