Monday, 24 September 2012

Renovation project - finally a bedroom with a real bed! - Thursday 20th September 2012

 Renovation project - finally a bedroom with a real bed! - Thursday 20th September
OMG our daughters are coming to visit tomorrow, it’s been so long since we’ve seen them, I can hardly contain myself, the excitement is just overflowing. They will be staying Friday through to Sunday, we have arranged for them to stay with Sheila and Brian, so they do not have to sleep or eat in the house, My brother and sister in law will not be so lucky, they are due to arrive on Saturday night and will be spending the week with us.
The day is spent cleaning yet again, we need it to be as nice as possible, it’s amazing how house proud you can be about a building site!
Every floor has been swept and mopped, the walls have been dusted and cleaned, the toilets and bathroom have been scrubbed and the room that we had been using as a lounge is now a bedroom. 

The bed is put together and John fits the home made wooden slats, the mattress is put in place and the rug laid by the bed, we have a room that looks like a proper room, we have left the basin in place for the time being as we did not want to have to start plastering the wall before anyone arrives.

So we are all ready, there is nothing left to clean, apart from the car (the trusty Volvo that has been used as a mobile skip) my daughter has informed me that she will not get into it unless it has been valleted, but that can wait till tomorrow as we are now truly knackered.

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