Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Renovation project - more cleaning and another dinner invite - Thursday 6th September

Renovation project - more cleaning and another dinner invite - Thursday 6th September
The house feels very strange without Andy, hope you’re doing OK and if you want to keep up to date with Andy’s adventures you can find him here:

More time spent cleaning and disinfecting, I lead such an exciting life!  Another couple of coats of paint go on the lounge room and we start to plan the rest of the house, our next job is to put a bathroom in the Attic, I can’t believe we are actually going to have a real live working shower.
Once again we lose track of time and it is almost 6.30pm, we are due at Jane and Dave’s for dinner at 7.30. So once again we are the worst house guests, as we arrive with no wine and no flowers, it was a toss up as to what would be most rude, arrive empty handed or arrive late, when somebody has gone to a lot of trouble to make a meal.
Jane and Dave if you are reading this we will make up for it when you come to us!
Dave and Jane moved to Brittany a short while ago, the evening was lovely and we had a full roast, it was fabulous eating a plateful of vegetables! Another pleasant evening spent with good food and good company. Our social life is getting very busy here and it is so nice to go and eat at houses that do not resemble building sites!
Top tips
1.       There are days like today when you read what has happened and think is it worth recording, but this is a true blog and there will be days that are as boring as heck (apart from the lovely dinner of course!)


  1. Thanks guys, I'm good and still in good old Blighty 'til next week. Glad you are still progressing 'petit a petit' :) When I come back, I want that luxury en suite pad we called 'the lounge' and a roast dinner lol. Say hi to everyone and keep cleaning the cleaning.

  2. Hi Andy
    Not long till you're back in the sun then, everyone says hello back and good luck and as you remember the cleaning never stops!