Saturday, 18 April 2015

Renovation project - Be careful what you sign

Renovation project - Be careful what you sign

We get the diagnostique report back whilst John is still in the UK, it is good news, there are only 2 little bits that need anything doing and would you believe one of the items is the only time we got a professional in!

A wire needs changing (this was the professional bit!) and some slats of wood need treatment or removing in the little loft.

I am so excited, this was one of the most nerve wracking weeks, we were having all of our work inspected and it passed!!!!

I have an appointment with the notaire this week, to go through the file and whilst I am in there he discusses the water and mains drains, we have to have this inspected also, so the inspection that I paid for last week was not the correct one, the one we need is completed by Veola, our water supplier.

This report confirms that all of the drains work correctly. I said that we had not had that when we bought the property and he shows me a sheet of paper that we both had signed!

I remember this, we had it sent to us and were told not to worry about it, just sign it to say we had received it. It actually states that the drains were wrong and needed work doing to them, luckily we knew they were all wrong but this does highlight the need to understand everything you are signing when buying a house.

The notaire arranges for Veola to visit and test everything, then I think to check with John that he has actually replaced all of the old pipes and drains (he has)

So once this is completed everything is ready to go, the buyers cannot pay the deposit until this final report is completed.

We could be selling officially in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Renovation project - Home alone again!

Renovation project - Home alone again!

We are a little bit stressed at the moment, with selling the house, working and everything else, when we get an e-mail we really don't need.

The property we still have in the UK that is rented out, sent us an e-mail to let us know the roof is leaking again, this is a problem that has been sorted out many times, from 7 years ago when part of the roof was replaced to the 2 times we have arranged for roofers to go out and fix it afterwards, why didn't I know John when it first need fixing????

We talk about it and decide we do not want to get another roofer to go to it as we do not know anybody we can trust.

There is nothing for it other than John to go back to the UK and fix it, the timing could not be worse.

He is going to be gone for 6 days, but at least we know that the roof will be fixed for good.

This means that  I am left home alone, to deal with the sale and run the B&B, because of course we have somebody booked in for the week, this also means that I will not get to go back and see the baby or my daughter, but there is nothing that can be done.

The day before he leaves I am getting the rooms ready and John spends ages hiding in the shed, I am getting a little more narked by the second, until I finally shout what the hell are you doing, it is at this point I find out he has chopped enough wood to last me the week, do I feel like a bt of a bitch at the moment? Yes!!!!

John heads off for the port and I am home alone, I know those scary owls will be back again, but at least the house will not be empty.

Whislt John is n the UK, my dad becomes very ill, I am so relieved he is over there as he spends the day with my daughter ad helps out no end this is one of those moments where you are sat in another country feeling totally useless but at least John is there.

All is well and my dad is not kept in hospital. John fixes the roof and has some quality time with the family.

My guest is lovely and I am not lonely, even the scary owl stayed away!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Renovation project - Main drains test

Renovation project - Main drains test

Even though we are on mains drains we have to have a professional to come out and check that everything is OK, I have this booked in and when the guy from SIVOM arrives he is there for approx 5 minutes,

He asks

Do we have a fosse?

I say no

He asks

Do we have mains drains

I say yes,

He looks at the man hole cover outside and says merci et au revoir!

Is that it? How simple!

We get a bill and a letter from the Mairie to say yes we are on mains drains, is it all going to be this simple?

Though I do think the 77 euro bill is a bit expensive to ask questions that really could be done over the phone!

I still can't believe this is all we have to do (we find out later that it isn't!)