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Renovation of a back door - Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Renovation of a back door - Wednesday 22nd August
Had a very busy day today, John began to build a new back door from the boards that had been the wall around the stairs, it’s looking good! We have attempted to film it for you tube but need somebody to sort it out as the last attempt was filmed on its side.
renovation of a backdoor
renovation of a back door
renovation of an external door

Andy has now made it to the attic with the lights, and we have sensor powered lights all the way up the stairs, it’s our first piece of completed high tech circuitry ha ha ha.
renovation project
renovation project
renovation project

I have begun to strip the attic walls ready for our first piece of decorating; yes we really are getting that far on!
John is my hero at the moment, he has now installed our washing machine, we now have clean clothes without having to go to the launderette, this does mean no more champagne washing though, but hey the champagne can be drank for many reasons.
renovation project

We have been invited out for dinner again tonight; we’re going to John’s with the little dog. So it’s a big rush to get finished in time for a bath, we didn’t make it! So Andy lost out, or should I say Andy won as he took his clean clothes to Johns and got a hot shower there, while we made do with a luke warm bath.
Yet again a great night, good food, nice wine and good company (and I got to drink the champagne without washing clothes!).
cute dog

Top tips
1.       If using a mobile phone to video work, do not use it sideways.

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