Monday, 17 September 2012

Renovation project new doors, health and safety and wine glasses made of glass! Friday 14th September 2012

Renovation project new doors, health and safety and wine glases made of glass! Friday 14th September
Yet another day spent shopping, you never do buy enough of anything, more soil pipes, another toilet and 2 internal doors.
We also decide to have a look for a new kitchen, this is a thankless task as we are still not sure what we want, we see a kitchen that is on special offer, it’s a white shiny kitchen which would be good, but by the time we work out what is actually on offer it is not that good, unless you have a teeny tiny kitchen, I would say beware of the special offers on kitchens as the display is often quite different to the units actually included in the offer, it goes back to that old adage, if it appears to good to be true, it probably is!
The doors are so different in France as you buy the door pre hung in a frame with lock fitted for less than a cheap rubbish door from B&Q in England. It is going to be so much easier to fit; we have also bought the wood and plaster board to make the walls for our new ensuite.
Shopping in french builders suppliers is quite different to the English version as health and safety does not seem to exist, the doors were in high piles and the equipment used for getting one down was a small step, the guy had to swivel the door at the top and then move the stool to the other end to swivel it completely off the pile, I have no idea how this would work without someone as tall as John holding up one end (and that was with his arms stretched as high as they would go!)
I think I may have got my French speak, a little wrong again, as when I asked the guy if he could help me, his smile stretched across his face and he only just managed to cough his laugh away, so goodness knows what I actually said to him!
We then had a conversation as to whether we wanted left hand or right hand doors! Yes we had no idea either but because they come all built you have to know, so we ended up in the shop pretending to open doors and working out which way we needed them to open.
Yet again it was far too late to do anything when we got back, other than have a nice meal and a bottle of wine; it’s such a hard life!
but we have finally bought some real wine glasses, goodbye plastic camping glasses hello to a little more civilisation
Cheers everyone, here's to a good and happy life :)
Top tips
1.       Be very careful of special offers
2.       Get up early if you are going to go shopping
3.      If you don’t drink wine the night before, you can get up early!


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