Sunday, 2 September 2012

Renovation project - french healthcare - dead mouse - Friday 24th August 2012

Renovation project - french healthcare - dead mouse - Friday 24th August
The door worked, the bin bags are intact, the cat was kept at bay, think we will have to start leaving him some food outside and maybe a little cat house, now that we have made him homeless.
John was still not feeling well so tried the local French doctors, soooo different to England, we went in and it took 25 mins to be seen even though the waiting room was empty. When we went in, we realised why we were kept waiting so long, it was not because the doctor was over running,  it was because they have more than 5 mins for an appointment, we were with the doctor for 25 minutes with time to talk and examine you, need to have some blood tests (just because they are thorough!!!!!) we could have a home visit today or go to the clinic at 7am tomorrow (just so you don’t have to wait long without eating and because they all go out on home visits). It could not be more different.
We are still on holiday insurance at the moment but will be going to Carhaix to arrange a carte vital, this is the card that you need to claim back any medical expenses, as far as we can make out, all French residents are entitled to this card which gives 70% of costs back to you, and you need to take out top up insurance to claim back the remainder. I will post the correct information when we have it.
We have demolished another wall today and made the upstairs landing look amazing, cannot understand why people wrap the stairs up, doesn’t it look much better?


renovation prject
renovation project

Andy found a new house guest in the attic! And some more very scary old wiring!
dead mouse
French rewiring

One room in the attic is now stripped, need to do the other one tomorrow, we will then put a coat of paint on to seal the walls. It won’t be perfect but it will be nice to have a little retreat.
Top tips
1.       When stripping paper from walls (anywhere) soak all walls 3 times with warm soapy water then strip, it comes off quite easy.


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  2. Jenny,

    I think they cover the stairs in for heat retention, it's amazing what drafts come down ours when the wind blows.



    1. Thanks David, but hopefully the big wood burner will solve the draughts, but will definitely look much better