Sunday, 23 September 2012

Renovation project more plumbing, more toilets and dinner at the table - Wednesday 19th September 2012

Renovation project more plumbing, more toilets and dinner at the table - Wednesday 19th September
Today is going to be a big day, we are finally moving downstairs and into the lounge! So the day is spent cleaning and disinfecting, yet again!
John spent another day spent on plumbing, this seems to be similar to the electrics as in never ending, but by the end of the day we have 3 working toilets in the house, this is such a major achievement seeing as only 6 weeks ago I was so excited about finding a flushing toilet outside!!!!
The wall is finished in the ensuite and the door is in place, people will be able to have privacy when using the bathroom (it's just a pity that there is now only the 2 of us living here!)
A leak was found in one of the new pipes, it just happened to be in the connection that is inside the 3 foot thick wall, the joys of using solvent waste pipe (I’m informed this is pipe you glue together rather than using push fit as you would find in the UK).  I decide to leave John to fix it as the air is turning a lovely shade of blue all around him.
how to fix a leaking soil pipe

The toilet went into the 3rd bedroom as the beginning of the ensuite; this room has been rearranged and re-planned so many times now, as we have to make sure the room is big enough to be suitable for a B&B room with a full bathroom and one door. We decide to put a shower in a purpose built space, but this works out to be more expensive than buying a complete shower cubicle, but no matter how much re planning we do, we cannot install a cubicle so the smallest bathroom is going to be the most expensive!
how to fit a new toilet in a derelict house in france

how to fit a new toilet in a derelict house in france

how to fit a new toilet in a derelict house in france

We have also decided to add a connecting door between this room and the next bedroom, which means it will be suitable for a family when the B&B is up and running, it also means we can accommodate our daughters and their babies in comfort when they come to visit.
2 more leaks are found as the day progresses, so with lots more cursing John spends even longer doing the plumbing, I’ve lost count of how many times he’s told me this should be a half hour job (we’re now on 4 hours!).
The day just seemed to disappear, but we were able to eat at the table without a big pile of rubble around our feet, we had just finished dinner and were settled down in front of a roaring fire, with John desperately trying to find the United game on the internet, when there was a very loud knock at the door, we opened it to find a very drunken new friend, you may remember me telling you about him before. We invited him in but he didn’t stay for long, I was very worried about him getting home safely but as John had had a glass of wine, there was no way we could drive him (we have yet to see a taxi in this town). So we helped him on his way and returned to the football, still not having much luck, but we did manage to find a channel that stumbled between slow motion and jumbled pixels. Our big night wasn’t what we expected so we have decided to tell our new friend not to visit again until he has sorted out his drinking, not looking forward to that conversation, but we didn’t didn’t tolerate this behaviour in England and we certainly don’t want it here.
Top Tip
1.       Take time to make your new friends, people are not always what they first seem.
2.       The plumbing will take almost as long as the electrics and be just as infuriating.


  1. Hi Jenny

    Great progress - it's amazing what you guys have achieved.

    I'm having a problem following your blog though - even though I am subscribed and a member etc it won't tell me when you make a new post - can you ping the admins and figure this out?



    1. Hi David
      since I changed the layout, it seems a few people have had problems as my views droopped to a quarter that day!
      Must admit I have only added on in the past week as we have had visitors so not been on line, if you still have a problem let me know, and thanks it does seem to be moving along well at the moment :)

  2. Have fun with your daughter's.. I think I need to get myself a handy man husband.. Is there anything John cannot do? wow! I am dying to get in that house and help you guys out.. lol ive been posting some comment's and they haven't been pubishing.. boooh... I saw you guys finaly found Ikea. did you look at some kitchen's there? I think nice white kitchen would look great.. too many people are doing dark.. still love reading.. Val

  3. Thanks Val, we had a fabulous weekend. Yes John is one in a million, we have made our kitchen decision but we are going to keep it a surprise until we start to build it, so watch this space!

  4. A plumber now, is a person who makes sure that all the pipes, valves etc are in place and does the repairs, if any required, so that the system runs smoothly and there are no unwelcome situations like leakage of water in the washroom or elsewhere.