Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Good bye Andy, Dinard airport and sightseeing in Dinan - Wednesday 5th September

Good bye Andy, Dinard airport and sightseeing in Dinan - Wednesday 5th September
Well we saw Andy off and spent the day in St Malo and Dinan. The streets are very narrow and full of the most amazing buildings and cafes, and after visiting the airport they will be landing in, we think they may need to have a relax somewhere nice. For those that know English airports Dinard makes Plymouth airport look like an international. When we arrived we decided to park and go in for a coffee, the car park cost 2 euro's 50 and there was nothing there apart from 2 easy jet desks and a vending machine!!!!!

As we drove home we thought we would have a look at St Brieuc, which we know is very beautiful, we have driven over the viaduct and seen it, but there was no way we could find! We did end up on a head land nearby and the views were amazing, well worth another trip, but whether we’ll ever find it again I don’t know.

We arrived home in the late afternoon and had time to do a bit of work, we have now disinfected the room we were using as a lounge, AGAIN!!!! And have given it a lick of paint, it certainly isn’t finished but it does look much better!

Spent some time on Skype talking to my daughter, which was so nice, gave her the full tour of the house and held the laptop out of the window to show her the view, she thought it was lovely as well. Now have a new reason to worry as she looks very pale (the day after she had a full blown cold, and I am sat here not being able to comfort her, that is so hard, I’m not sure I will ever get used to not being able to pop round with chocolates or something nice just to cheer her up)
Top tips
1.       You will miss your children and it is very difficult when they are not well.
2.       Your partner will suffer when you are worrying about your children.
3.       Make sure you have a good Sat Nav, including your emergency backup Sat Nav.


  1. You are having fun with the GPS aren't you ;-) I have found it pays to mark places when I visit them first, telling the sat nav the name I want to refer to it by. Finding it again is easy, often much easier than using addresses which in the ZA, ZI etc can be very confusing.

    1. Yes we are having fun, the only problem is, the sat nav which we have was our emergency back up one, which is so old it doesn't have many of the new motorways on it, never mind the option to mark places! we are going to treat ourselves to another new one soon.