Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Renovation project - Proud grandmother

Renovation project - Proud grandmother

I have finally recovered enough from my traumatic experience yesterday to continue writing, my daughter recovered enough to talk to me, apparently she wasn’t as calm as she seemed and took a little while to get over being stranded at the airport with the baby!

But all’s well that ends well and it is amazing to have them here, my baby granddaughter remembers me, this is my biggest fear that she will forget who I am, but she hasn’t. She is a little bundle of joy and a good flyer; she slept for almost the entire flight!

When we arrive at the house my daughter cannot believe how much we have done, the shock on her face as she looks around is fantastic and she loves the house, the last time she visited, she only spent a few minutes in it as it was so dirty and derelict.

They settle in well and I get to give the baby her first French dinner, I am going to get to see so many firsts whilst she is here, there is the first holiday, the first beach, the first French food (yes I know baby mush is baby mush, but the writing on the jar is in French so I am counting it as a first!!!!!).

We go for a walk around the town square and the lake and I get to push the pram, I can finally do my proud grandmother bit, and I love it!