Thursday, 2 May 2013

Renovation project - Welcomed home by the smell of rotting fish!!!!!!

Renovation project - Welcomed home by the smell of rotting fish!!!!!!

The crossing was very good, and the cabin was great. But maybe the time was not perfect, the ferry sailed at 11 pm and arrived at 7am. So both of us are knackered but as we come into Roscoff the sun is shining and spring appears to have sprung in France.

Brittany Ferries Plymouth to Roscoff

We get to the house and it is so good to be home I can’t wait to get in and start to unpack the car; we have somehow managed to come back with the car loaded. When we sold our house in the UK we sold it fully furnished and managed to leave everything that we didn’t want to take with us, this meant that we had very little in comparison to most people moving house. Friends in France used a Storage company for their furniture and after six months managed to get it all over to France, that’s when they realised just how much they had!  But luckily we sorted the few boxes we wanted to save at our friends on the farm; it would’ve been a different story had we still had a house full of furniture to move with us. the barns are fantastic but we were a bit concerned that the stuff may get damp, but it appears to be fine, we’re really please we only stored the most important bits (which is pretty much a few knick knacks and boxes of photo and kids paintings!)

As we get out of the car John notices that we had not shut the bedroom window, oops! We go into the house and are met by the most horrendous smell! OMG has a cat got in? I go through every room and cannot find the source. I know I emptied every bin and cleared all the rubbish to prevent this from happening. John turns the electric on and I go to put the few bits we bought on the way home in the fridge, this is when the smell hits me like a base ball bat, the fridge still had food in it as did the freezer, bugger fish and meat had defrosted and been left for a couple of weeks festering, the smell has got into everything, well I say everything we only have 2 chairs and everything is made of wood! I now spend the rest of the day trying to get rid of the smell and thinking thank goodness we don’t have furniture yet!

I can’t believe we forgot the fridge when we turned the electric off, normally we wouldn’t do something so stupid but as John doused the bedroom floor with wood treatment as we walked out of the house we didn’t want to risk it dripping on to the fuse box which is directly underneath
John spends a few hours in bed, but I can’t sleep so the rest f the day is spent pottering around disinfecting everything!

We have a number of people call in to welcome us home and I am gutted, I would love to see everybody but I am so embarrassed by the smell I don’t let anybody stay.

It’s still good to be home though!!


  1. Oh no!! That is a nightmare indeed!! Hope you got rid of the smell..