Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Renovation project - we make skirting boards rather than buy them!

Renovation project - we make skirting boards rather than buy them!

I wake up feeling much better today, the sun is shining and the world seems to be a friendlier place. Yes I still miss them but I will be seeing them soon. It’s nice to know it was just a wobble and soon my daughter and baby granddaughter will be coming to stay and I can push her around the beautiful town square, teach her to speak French and spend time in the sun!!!!!!

It is quite amazing how a sunny day can change your mind set.

We decide what we are doing today and this includes John making our skirting boards. Yes it does sound mad but handmade quality wooden skirting boards are much less expensive than cheap rubbish ones.
John uses the router to choose which finish to have and we go for a nice rounded edge, it takes a few practice goes but he has it to perfection.

The skirting boards make such a difference to the room and they look amazing.

I go out for another ride and this time we decide to go further, it is one of those rides where we go further and think that if we turn left down a lane we must be heading back towards our town, can you believe we have managed to come out again and have no idea where we are, no map, no phone, and no water!!!!!
We keep going and we finally come out on a road that Sheila recognises, so we did make the right decision to turn left, thank goodness!!!

We get back and had been cycling for over an hour I will not be the beached whale on our holiday, I maybe dead and have legs that are like jelly but I won’t be a beached whale!!!! And yes I did jump on the weighing scales, but I am not obsessed yet.


  1. A day in the sunshine is just about the best way to lift your mood - so sorry to hear you are feeling so homesick, but am very impressed with the cycling!

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

    1. Hi Kate, thank you and yes the sun is an amazing cure for most things.

      The cycling is still going well!!!!!!