Thursday, 16 May 2013

Renovation project - New born lambs and we finally get a real bed!!!!!!

Renovation project - New born lambs and we finally get a real bed!!!!!!

We’re still in the bedroom but we are now on to one of the final jobs, adding the skirting boards, john had made the skirting boards but he was having trouble with the cuts, in The UK he had a mitre saw, but this was not able to come over with us, we are looking at buying one but we have not seen one for the right price in France.

We have a chat with some friends who are doing a renovation nearby and they ask if we can go and help move a chicken coup they have made, it is the worlds poshest chicken house, it even has a glazed window!
We go to visit the new born lamb and it is so cute, I again think that I would like to do the little farm thing until I realise that some of these lambs will be dinner in a few months time, I just couldn’t bring myself to do this and would more than likely end up as a vegetarian in no time at all!

We also visit the incubator with the eggs, there are 12 eggs due to hatch, I can’t wait to see them, and one has already started to crack the shell!

We spend a couple of hours with them and John borrows the mitre saw.

This makes life so much easier as now all of the cuts are exact. Everything is cut to size and john attaches them to the walls. As the walls are so out of shape in the house we have the choice of having the skirting boards looking straight whish will mean having to close them in with plaster (the long way to do it) or having the skirting boards follow the shape of the house which will then make them all look wonky.

We decide to plaster them in, it may take longer but the end result will be much better.

We also have possibly the most exciting night of my life, we put the bed together!!!!! The room is really starting to look finished, and we have a real bed!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy at the moment I could cry

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  1. Little things like having a real bed are heaven!!