Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Renovation project - The sun is shining but disaster strikes!

Renovation project - The sun is shining but disaster strikes!

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play!!!!!

Oh My God, it is gorgeous, the sun is shining, it’s warm the world is definitely a nice place to be today! I am going to start with showing you some photo’s of our town square, which looks splendid in the sunshine, the blossom trees are so beautiful. We used to have blossom trees along the grass verges outside our house in Stockport but these only looked good for a day or two, usually because the wind and rain got to them so quickly but these have looked beautiful for the couple of weeks we have been back in France!

As lovely as today is John hits a disaster, the windows in the new bedroom have a wooden frame all around them which looks fantastic, but we found a bit of dry rot in one of the pieces, John was going to remove this bit and just add a new piece of architrave, but as we could not find any to match we are left with the decision to remove all of the wood, not a big problem you may think, but, John has plastered up to the architrave all around the windows, this means that as he pulls them off the plaster breaks. Bad enough in itself but we also have to remove the wood cladding from the reveals, I loved this so much but we can’t risk the dry rot, also if we have to just plaster to the edge the wooden reveals would then look silly!

He pulls it all down and the plaster is broken, but always a silver lining we find fantastic oak beams above the window!

We decide we have to plaster the reveals but keep the beams exposed; they are in good condition though one was breakfast to the woodworm at some point.

John starts with the plastering and continues until he runs out, this means shopping again!!!!!! But not till 
tomorrow, thanks goodness.

Yesterday I found out it was a friend from Frances birthday, I found this out by noticing the big display of birthday cards at the house and was in that sticky situation of do I comment on them and admit that I had completely forgotten or do I ignore them and say nothing, I went with the ignore option, so today I head to the local shops for a bottle of Brandy and a card and as I am in the queue realise I am stood next to his wife!!! Bugger no chance of saying we bought them in the UK and just hadn’t had chance to drop them round.

We pop round with the sole intention of dropping of the card and prezzie, wishing happy birthday and leaving, however it doesn’t turn out this way and John ends up sharing the Brandy and we wobble home much later!

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