Friday, 10 May 2013

Renovation project - I am not wonder woman!

 Renovation project - I am not wonder woman!

The weekend is busy we have also installed some new smoke alarms in the house, this is something that we have to consider in more detail in the future as when we have the B&B we will need to have smoke alarms throughout the house, there are so many varieties out there but for the time being the battery version of the wireless alarms are the most appropriate (and easiest and cheapest!)

John has also fitted the architraving to the doors, again it is one of those little jobs that make a big difference. 

We are almost ready to finish the room and put the new bed in, I am so excited, this is really going to be a momentous occasion.

The bed is taken up and it’s time to take up the headboard, we have one of those moments where you look at the bed and then look at the staircase and think HOW??? Will it go???? We try it every which way and it is not going to fit, I can’t believe it we have the bed and it is not going up the stairs, I am devastated.

We try to think of any way to get it up there and it is not going to go! We even consider trying to get it up there outside by removing the window but I am not strong enough to hold it above my head (yes John really did consider this, who does he think I am, bloody wonder woman???)

We are left with no alternative, we have to cut the legs off, it now fits nicely but in pieces, John says that he can fix it together again with no problem we can use brackets that can’t be seen and if it doesn’t look quite right he can use his router again to make it look like a pattern in the legs.

We don’t have time to put it together tonight but it is one step closer, I will soon have a bed!!!!!!

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