Thursday, 23 May 2013

Renovation project - We are definitely getting there!

Renovation project - We are definitely getting there!

It’s been a busy couple of days, we have been painting and sanding, everywhere has had a 2nd coat of varnish and John has finished off the last bits of plastering the place is really starting to feel like a home (as long as you ignore the ground floor that now resembles a building site again!)

I set too with painting the window in the back bedroom AKA lounge, this is not an easy task, the window is a pretty cottage style and to make it easy to clean the wooden frames are hinged, yes so easy for cleaning but what a pain for painting instead of two windows I end up with six window frames!

We do not have any undercoat left but as they have already been painted we think it should be OK with just a coat of gloss, I have done one side and am just about to finish the last of the wooden frames when John says he is really not happy with it, the gloss has sunk into wood, due to not having enough undercoat, we have a discussion as to whether I should paint the last frame and he says no, it’s not worth it as they will all need undercoating and sanding down. I feel like I have just wasted the past few hours, but feel really peeved, when a few hours later they look a lot better than anticipated and will only require some touching up!!!! Now we have almost painted windows!!!!

In the evening I have a look through some of the photo’s to put on the blog and I am taken by surprise at how much the house as changed, when you live in it you really don’t see that much difference, you know it is getting better but you don’t really appreciate just how much until you see a before and after photo, so here they are. This is the landing to the bathroom when we first moved in and now!

We also realise that the car required an oil change and we didn’t have time in the UK, we see if anybody can recommend a local mechanic and we are told that a friend had used the garage by the lake.

We drive down and yes they can complete it but we need to speak the other owner for a price unfortunately they are not in and we have to come back later (we forget) but they can fit us in in the morning, goodness knows how much it will cost and we are a bit worried that there may be different prices for the English and French, we will just have to wait and see.


  1. For what it's worth I took my car there for a yearly service and it cost just under a 100 euros about what I was expecting.

    1. Hi Michael, we were happy with the price and John was really impressed with the quality of the oil that they used