Sunday, 5 May 2013

Renovation Project - the floor is stained and varnished

Renovation Project - the floor is stained and varnished

Its Wednesday already, the time just seems to fly by, I have still not written my report and today is the day to knuckle down, this is made easier by the fact that I have almost emptied the living room. it looks great but this will not be for long, the reason we have emptied the room is so that we can fill it again! We are going to move all the tools and paint and other building supplies down stairs and move our living room into the back bedroom.

Now this may sound like musical chairs but there is a reason, if we have our living room upstairs we will have the ground floor as a building site and be able to live out of the rubble and dust. But first we have to finish the new bedroom. John sets too with staining and varnishing the floor.

After the first coat it looks amazing, we had been a bit concerned by a couple of the floorboards, these are the ones that had more damage on them. John wanted to replace them but I feel that they don’t look too bad once stained and we really don’t want them to look like new. So we will see how it looks when it is all finished.

I am feeling inspired by the cycling race yesterday, and arrange to go out with Sheila on the bikes, this is helped by the fact that my laptop has just stopped working; I really must look into buying a new one at some point. I am also feeling inspired to take up more exercise due to the fact that I will be going on holiday in a couple of months and really do not want to be the beached whale sat by the pool when the kids join us! Obviously I accept that I will never look as good as them, but still, I don’t want to cause big shadows when 2 twenty something’s are lay there looking spectacular!

I go to meet Sheila and another friend is joins us, we cycle all around the lake and it is beautiful and sunny and yes, again I have not brought my camera!  We decide to keep going and cycle around the lake via the roads as this is a lot longer, I feel invigorated but once I get of the bike my legs also feel like Jelly, how the heck can I be so unfit with how much work we do around the house???

I also made the mistake of bringing some weighing scales back with me, I will not become obsessed and I will only weigh myself 5 times a day!!!!

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