Saturday, 25 May 2013

Renovation project - we are ready for visitors!

Renovation project - we are ready for visitors!

Today is so exciting my daughter and baby granddaughter arrive tomorrow, so today is spent cleaning everything and making sure it is all as perfect as it can be. The bedroom is all set up with the cot that we had managed to borrow.

The furniture is set up in the new lounge, the bedding is all laundered it looks like a real house!

I have the joy of cleaning the car, this is going to take some time as it has been used as a mobile tip and will now need to carry a baby, it takes a couple of hours and I then notice a warning that the battery is low, we try the engine and nothing! Bugger we have to drive tomorrow morning to the airport!!!!!

We give Brian a call and he pops up with some jump leads, the car gets going and we take it for a good drive to make sure the engine is in perfect working order for tomorrow.

When we get back John sets to work on the kitchen window, this still had the old lead paint on it and is really knackered, John wants to replace it but I really want to keep it. John starts to scrub the window frame ready to give it a quick coat of paint, but whilst doing this a pane of glass pings out, how he managed to catch it I have no idea, but he did and it is installed back in the frame.

John will be replacing part of the frame and installing some new glass and we have found that we can buy new handle mechanisms; I am really looking forward to restoring this window.

As John is working on the window I make a start on the front door, we had planned to re paint it but with a bit of sanding the original wood is revealed, and it looks fantastic, so I set to work with the heat gun, scraper and sand paper, the door looks really good, but its getting late so maybe I need to finish it tomorrow


  1. Sandra Pounder25 May 2013 at 02:30

    All looking good Girl bet you can't wait to see the girlies xxxxxx

  2. Ready for vistors , how exciting all your hard work is showing. Have a fantastic time with your daughter and grandaughter happy times Regards Wendy