Monday, 20 May 2013

Renovation Project - Can you buy Cow and Gate baby milk in France?

Renovation Project - Can you buy Cow and Gate baby milk in France?

Oh wow today is a good day; my daughter has called to see if she can come to visit with the baby, we look around the first floor and it is almost ready, we will need to seal the floors and any walls not sealed but yes, she can come.

I am so happy I feel like I am floating all day, admittedly she will have to close her eyes and run to the stairs so that she cannot see the ground floor, but once up stairs it is like a different house.

She books the flights and will be here next week, now for the panic bit, can she buy baby milk in France, a very simple question and obviously there are lots of babies in France, but do they drink Cow and Gate, do they heck!

I try goggling all of the big stores and cannot find any, we try finding out who makes it and would you believe it is actually made in France!

I am advised to try the chemist so I go and attempt to ask for the baby milk, I surprise myself and actually have a conversation, yes it was very stunted and I still sound like a sat nav, but I managed, the fact that they do not have it and cannot get it is not good, but hey I had a conversation in French!!!!

I have a look around the different shops and the selection of baby milk and food is extensive but they are all different makes and apparently you should not change a make when they are used to it, this is the worst marketing scam I have ever heard, why on earth don’t they use the same name (they are probably the same stuff!!!!) or at the very least have a list of aliases on the side, now there’s a suggestion.

So now we are in overdrive trying to finish off the bits and pieces before they come, so can you guess what I will be doing? Yes that’s right more cleaning!!!!!!

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