Monday, 20 May 2013

Project renovation - Good Karma!

Project renovation - Good Karma!

We are moving upstairs today and turning the back bedroom into a little lounge again, this brings back some fond memories as this was our first lounge when we moved into the house. I spend some time emptying the room and yet again all the materials are moved. This time we can store many of them in the new wardrobe that John built which means my game of musical rooms will stop.

Once the room is emptied we bring down the settee bed that we had been sleeping on and assemble it as a settee, not an easy task as we no matter how we tried we could not make it resemble a settee, it turns out that we had put two of the hinges on the wrong way round!

Once the settee is resolved and assembled correctly and the shouting and swearing had stopped, we have our first settee, woo hoo!

The boxing in around the electrics has not been finished yet, which is a shame as it makes the rooms look not finished, but there is a reason and this is that we have not connected all of the plug sockets yet, the electrics should’ve been finished earlier but as we had set them up for a four bedroom house and before we had made all of the changes they do not look right or fit where we had originally planned for them to go. So now we have to decide again and until we do it is pointless fixing them in securely.
This is something we have found over and over again, whatever your initial plans were, they will undoubtedly change as the project grows and takes on a life of its own, if you do something like this be prepared to change your plans, if you stick rigidly to your initial plans you may lose the opportunity to have something better than you could’ve imagined, after all when we moved in it was a five bedroom shell and is now a 3 bedroom (about to be) luxury house!

John also assembles one of the new garden chairs it is almost like we have a little suite and the colours match! I take the TV upstairs to add to the room and hear John shout from downstairs, I ask what’s wrong and he shouts to bring the camera, when I get to him he is holding a tiny vole, it is so cute. I ask him where it came from and he said that it was walking across the ground floor. We decide to name her Vera the Vole

Renovation project - Vera the Vole

John takes her outside and releases her into the garden but she turns around and headed back to the barn, looked up at John, squeaked and then disappeared. John was sure she was saying thank you for not killing her; maybe we will have some good karma?

John continues with bits and pieces throughout the day and I go back to the kitchen floor, yes I thought we had heard the last of that as well, but today I aim to finish it, as we will be starting on the kitchen next!

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