Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Renovation project - We finally visit a creperie!!!!

Renovation project - We finally visit a creperie!!!!

It’s time to sort out the plastering in the new room; we have decided that we really like the oak beams above the window so John will re do all of the plaster that broke when we removed the old window frames. He manages to round the plaster into the oak beams, this looks amazing, it also makes the plaster look like it was always this way.

This is not an easy task, you have to decide what you want and then form the shape, it takes some time but is definitely worth it.

John then patch plastered all of the other bits, this is where you plaster just the bits that are required rather than the entire wall, again this is not easy as you have to ensure that there are no seams or joints. I am so glad that John had spent many years as a plasterer (also glad for other reasons as he is as strong as an ox and has great big muscle'y shoulders, but I am going off track and that may be more fitting for a different type of blog!)

We spend the rest of the day cleaning the newly stained and varnished floorboards, you may think that it would’ve made more sense to do the varnishing last but as they are varnished they are easier to clean plus the floors will require a final coat of varnish as they should always have at least 3 coats.

We are going out for another birthday meal tonight, we are going to one of the creperies, how bad is that we have now had the house for almost 9 months and we haven’t been to all of the creperies yet!

We go to Ville D’ Ilys this is such a nice restaurant, and the crepes are to die for, it is hard to describe how good they taste but I will have a go. We have a savoury crepe (which is a little like a pancake but not sweet and very flat, so flat that they are crispy around the edges) inside I have lardons, chevre and oignons or bacon, goat cheese and onions, each bit just melts in your mouth and it is so good I don’t give John any other than a taste!

Our friend tries to help me with my pronunciation of the beer that I choose and no matter how many times I try, I still sound like my sat nav, I begin to despair that I will ever be able to speak French, I have no problem deciphering the menu, as I can read quite well I still just can’t speak the language!

John has a sweet crepe to follow, chestnut and it tastes like a sweet jam, our friend has Pruneaux, which we expect to be prune but often this can be plum (you will not know until you eat it!).

We sit and chat for a while and then head home (John also has to have some chicken and chips later as no matter how nice the crepes are, if you have a big appetite they will not fill you!)

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