Saturday, 1 June 2013

Renovation Project - Traditional Breton Music and costumes

Renovation Project - Traditional Breton Music and costumes

We have had a lovely couple of days, it is so nice waking up to my baby granddaughter and she is getting to know me more and more every day.

I have the fun of getting her up in the morning and giving her her breakfast and playing with her while my daughter gets the chance to have a lie in, this is what I have been missing.

We have been out on a couple of trips and I got the chance to see the baby’s reaction to the sea and standing on the sand, it is so funny, you can see how mesmerised she is by the ocean; I even managed to drop her lovely new sun hat in the water!

We have visited Morlaix and sat at a pavement cafe with espresso’s and croissants, the baby happily watching the world go by.

We have been to Carantac and had the world’s most disgusting drink of hot chocolate, it was a white chocolate and it honestly tasted like melted milky bars, it was the most sickly thing I have ever tasted, John had the worst coffee and my daughter had a bottle of cola (not the well known brand) and that was as bad as the other drinks, but the cafe was fabulous, wonderful views (just a pity the drinks were extortionately priced and undrinkable!)

We have also spent a day in Brest which is a big city by the coast, whilst we were there, there was an event on with a number of groups playing Celtic music and dressed in traditional Breton outfits, the weather was amazing and we sat (yes you guessed it at another pavement cafe, well we are in France!) the sun was shining and the day was great. 

We have been to Brest before and though it is a big city for Brittany we thought it consisted of one road down to the harbour, today though my daughter wanted to visit the clothes shop Zara, we assumed there wasn’t one, but she kept seeing people with carrier bags, I finally asked a young woman where the shop is and I manage to translate some of the directions, we head off and can’t believe how big the city actually is, the road stretches as far as you can see.

We can’t believe we have never seen any of this before!

It has been a wonderful day and we head home, still keeping fingers crossed that the car will get us all the way home!

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