Wednesday, 27 February 2013

renovation Project - Holes in the floor, Again!!!!!

renovation Project - Holes in the floor, Again!!!!!

John starts on the floor on the first floor today, which means we are back to big holes in the ceiling and having to swing around the banister to get up to the stairs to the bathroom, if you get this swing wrong, we’re not going to get to the stairs we are going to make a swift exit to the living room, I have not missed this at all.
But the work goes well and the new floor boards go down. Unfortunately the boards do not seem as thick as the old ones and so John is going to have to put the new joists in to remove some of the bounce from the floor.

I am also going to attempt to ask for help in filling in a an offer on the bottled gas, as far as we can understand if you buy 4 bottles, and send the receipts back you will get refunded for 3 bottles so 4 bottles will cost 30 euro’s fantastic.

I go to the little hardware store and ask the woman to help me; she is always so friendly and chatty. We now buy all our gas from her, but the receipts are not very good, so I use the receipts from last year from the Intermarche as these state they are for the gas, but I take a receipt form the drug store to prove that we buy from there now, but she is so friendly when I explain this she will understand, how wrong was I!!!!

She is happy to help, but as soon as she see’s receipts from another shop the help stops and tells me to go to the Intermarche for help, I try to explain that we buy from her, but the receipts are not clear and she would have none of it, so I realise she is only the lovely friendly person whilst taking our money, I go back to the house and I am so gutted, I feel really hurt, I also decide at this point that we will never use the shop again and will take her advice and use the Intermarche instead, and I still haven’t got my offer filled in and it ends on the 28th February, bugger!!!!

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