Saturday, 2 February 2013

The house is getting warmer!!! 25.01.13

The house is getting warmer!!! 25.01.13

John continues on the bathroom and gets rid of the window in the wall; this had been another source of heat loss. The window was a piece of glass that was held in place by a few slate tabs on the wall outside there was no frame and no seal on it, no wonder it was so cold.

I give the shelves in the walk in wardrobe a 2nd stain and a coat of clear varnish and the wood looks fantastic, all the walk in wardrobe needs now is another coat of emulsion on the walls and it is finished (we will being doing the floor when we do the entire floor).

We have had problems in this room from condensation which has meant the paint has stayed tacky; we cannot fix this issue fully until the back of the house has more heat.

I go to the local shop and manage to forget almost everything I went for, I didn’t realise this until 8 o clock (once everywhere was shut!) so I make a meal and update the blog, unfortunately I spent longer than I expected and went into to the kitchen to find every pan had boiled dry, dinner did not smell good! It was too late to go to the shops and there are no take away's, so I salvage what I can and have the strangest meal.

Top tips

1.       Make a list when going to the shop
2.       Don’t get to engrossed in your blog when cooking dinner

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