Sunday, 17 February 2013

House renovation - we almost have another bedroom! 10.02.13

House renovation - we almost have another bedroom! 10.02.13

Whatever happened to the day of rest???? Today we are painting and completing brickwork (and a little bit more shouting but not much) the windows in the loft bedroom get a 2nd coat of undercoat and John starts on the brickwork in the back bedroom.

This room will match the new bathroom and John removes the plaster and tiles, John had already removed the old sink from this room, again we have the same problem of the old roof beams still being in the stonework. One is removed and leaves a big hole.

My brother and sister in law are due tomorrow and this time my niece is coming with them, I’m tempted to put a picture on face book and show her bedroom, but think this may be a bit cruel (I must be getting soft in my old age!)

One roof beam cannot come out as the utility roof is connected to it, John decides, as the wood is solid and there is no rot he will leave it in the wall, he treats it fully with specialist dry rot/wood worm killer, and cuts it back far enough to be covered.

Once this is all completed he starts to point the wall, he has bought a different plaster and has just realised this is not as good, as it cracks when it dries, he manages to complete it and if I hadn’t told you he had had problems with it, you would never know, it looks so good. (He’s also not happy that I told you he had problems!!!!!)

He has less luck with the walls that he plasters, the plaster has set in the bucket within 10mins of mixing it, we can hear John swear again, but at least it’s not at me this time.

He finally works out that it is not finishing plaster, as we think we were informed by the man in the shop.
We were not having a good communication day, the day we went shopping and although people were being very helpful, and trying to explain what each bag of mix was for, if your brain has decided to leave the area for a short period you just do not understand, and I remember thinking just grab anything, I want to go.

It turns out, what we have is fixing plaster, which in a few days time we find very useful.

We work till late that night to make sure it is all completed, My brother and his family are arriving tomorrow (Monday) late afternoon so we sit and have some food, and yes you guessed it, some wine and think we have all day tomorrow to clear up and make the place look nice.

I’m so excited at having guests and I want the place to look perfect, well as perfect as a building site can look!


  1. That fixing plaster is what our plumber used to repair the walls he cut out for new pipes - it goes off in 10 minutes! Great for filling large holes.

    You are getting along with this, it's really beginning to look like something other than a building site :)


  2. Hi David, thanks for this, we found out and John loves it now :)
    I can't believe we have 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms that only need finishing touches now :)

  3. This is great. I love the photos above. Keep it up.

    1. thanks so much, glad you are enjoying it :)