Sunday, 3 February 2013

The public votes 26.01.13

The public votes 26.01.13

Time to start work properly on the inside of the bathroom.

John starts on the pointing and by the time he finishes it looks fantastic, I think this may seriously become one of my favourite rooms.

Over the next few days John continues to work on the bathroom and the next job is lining the walls, we are going to put plaster board on 3 walls to hide the multitude of sins, but this throws up another dilemma, we had planned on decorating the room in plain white, but I actually think the plaster board colour really brings out the stone wall. We have a discussion and decide to throw the question out to face book

We also ask for people’s views on where to place the tap, which results in one of my longest ever face book conversations.the overriding response is in the corner of the bath, so that 2 people can still use the bath and as one face booker pointed out, this will prevent either person banging their head and will also stop any arguments over what should be a very romantic experience.

The only problem was that I did it on my personal face book and not my Jenny and John face book page (I am still struggling to get comments on to this one and if anybody is an expert, or just knows the remotest thing about having 2 face book pages I would really appreciate your help) if you have not seen our face book page here is the link and please, please, please stop by and have a look and like for me.

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