Thursday, 14 February 2013

No more Mr Nice Guy! 04.02.13

No more Mr Nice Guy! 04.02.13

The bathroom is really coming along now and it’s time to fit the toilet, John asks me where the white plastic waste is, I explain I have no idea and he tells me it was with all the rubbish on the landing, so I ask if it was with all the rubbish that he asked me to take to the tip, all the rubbish I triple checked was to go to the tip and John says yes, all the rubbish except that one bit of plastic pipe!

Apparently even if I triple check what is to go to the tip I should know not to take certain things! ARSE!!!!!!! So we have to go to the shops again, we manage to get what we need and the toilet is in. The new waste pipes are all connected outside and the old asbestos pipes removed.

The house is much warmer now or so we thought, the kitchen we have just realised is still freezing; we found this out because I had got a pan of frozen seafood out to defrost and 5 hours later it was still frozen!!!! Not having that for dinner tonight.

I continue to decorate the top bedroom; even with English paint it still requires 2 coats of paint. Part way through John declares he needs me to help him install the shower, this somehow causes world war 3 between us, I shout that my work is not as important as anything that John does and John starts shouting back that I knew I was supposed to be helping with the shower. 

This shouting turns into ranting and lots of swearing, and then lots more swearing and then tears and not much ranting or speaking at all.

We are both upset and John apologises for being an arse, he was stressed and wanted to get the bathroom finished, we end up not doing the shower at all tonight but at least the bedroom is painted.

We thought we had got over the shouting and falling out bit, but I suppose it will happen on occasion, we are still living on a building site and no matter how easy going you are, having no water, being cold and living in dirt will get to you, again this is not a part that  the TV programs show.


  1. You have all the fun of making up to come Jenny. You have done so much and come so far, don't let a little row slow you both down. As for the seafood, yuck. Give me the bread and croissants instead.
    Take care

  2. Sounds too much like hard work for me!!! But I admire your tenacity!!! Your both doing a splendid job and you both know it'll be worth every second, minute, hour and day you've spent making your dream come true. Dread to think what your next challenge is ha ha!!

  3. Thank God, it's not just us :)

    Jenny your honesty is amazing and we understand completely, but we move on and learn from the experience. For what its worth, when it's done the pressure goes off a lot :)



  4. thanks Ray, Jacqui and David

    we did get over the row, John wasn't too chuffed at me being so honest, but that is how it goes, I want the blog to be honest, so people don't follow expecting a bed of roses.

    luckily the rows are far outweighed by the good times :)