Saturday, 16 February 2013

I survived the french dentist!!!!!!!!! 08.02.13

I survived the french dentist!!!!!!!!! 08.02.13

Well we have been very busy over the last couple of days, we have managed to do some more recycling and the old living room ceiling has now become a bath panel, we just have to decide whether to leave it wood or paint it white.

The bathroom is almost finished, just the last bits of snagging to do (this is the official builder term) for all the rest of us, it’s just the tarting up to do. We need to choose some wall tiles, just to go along the edge of the bath and varnish the floor and add skirting boards, oh and build the shelf unit to hide the odd sized windows and fit a light, GOD when I say it out loud there’s loads to do. I was in such a good mood a minute ago and now I have upset myself.

I also had the joy of finding a dentist, there is one in our village but we were informed that he didn’t speak English well and as you may remember I am not very good at the dentist, I use Google translate to say I am allergic to adrenaline based anaesthetic and that it makes me collapse and fit, I hope to goodness that Google translate works this time. We go to the dentist and ask for an appointment (in French!!!!! I am getting better) and he asks whether I would like one this afternoon or next week, I choose the afternoon so I can’t change my mind, I read my translation and he asks a few questions so I do a very bad impression of passing out and having a fit, but he understands.

We get back to the house in a state of shock, in the UK it is almost impossible to register with a dentist, never mind get an appointment.

I spend the rest of the day in a state and googling the side effects of adrenaline based anaesthetic, Google is a dangerous tool, as now I’m convinced I will have a heart attack if I don’t make myself fully understood!
Well the time has arrived, its D Day, I am shaking before I even sit in the dentist chair, the first injection goes in, I’m still awake, the second injection goes in and I’m still awake, the third injection........

AND I’M STILL CONSCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No heart attack, no collapsing and no seal noises, I have my filling replaced and all goes well, then it’s time to pay, and to our surprise it is much cheaper than it would’ve cost in the UK on the NHS (the UK’s free health service !!!!!!).

That evening for the first time in over two months I do not have toothache and I can eat on both sides of my mouth, oh the joy.


  1. Was it the local dentist here that you used? We are off to see him ourselves this week. Have you a carte vitale yet?

  2. Hi Micheal, yes it was the local one, he was very good, not lots of English but if you have some French, you get along just fine

    and no we haven't sorted out carte vitale's yet, may need to come and prick your brains on that one :)