Sunday, 24 February 2013

Renovation project - Spring is on its way

Renovation project - Spring is on its way

The sun has been shining all week and it has been really warm in the sun, the nights have been freezing, so much so that we are back to diving under the duvet (well 2 duvets now, yes it is that cold), but the sun shining during the day makes up for it. 

I have been able to hang washing out in the garden, this may sound dull, but it means I get to go outside and defrost in the sun; it is much colder in the house. You can’t imagine how cold it is, to give you a clue I am wearing tights, thermal socks, jeans, thermal vest, t-shirt, fleece, super big fleece, hat and gloves just to try and keep warm, I’m gutted because I have actually lost weight, but I don’t want any photo’s taken because of all the clothes I wear I look like a roly poly!!!!!

I have relented and here is one of me dressed to keep warm today

Today I see our first flower in the garden, a little yellow primrose, it is beautiful, it must be very hardy as it is the only flower in the entire garden, but it makes me so happy, spring is on its way and soon I will be warm.
We go to buy the floorboards, the decision is made, we are to replace the rotten ones and make the kitchen from the wood that was the bedroom wall.

Whilst we are there we some other wood floor boards at a ridiculously cheap price and decide to grab a pack to see if they would be suitable for the living room floor. This is currently tiled but where we have taken the hallway wall out, the floor is not level and the tiles are different, we have been wondering what to do about this for some time, but if this wood is suitable then it can be laid on top of the tiles (and save us a fortune).

I also look at the showers and the price seems to have gone up, so we decide to go to the shop where we bought our last shower and get one before all the offers go.

We have great fun loading the car, as the wood is in the boot, which has resulted in my chair going as far forward as it can and the shower cubicle on the roof rack, I have the pleasure of driving home with my nose almost touching the windscreen, and my knees causing indents in the dash board, I spend the journey praying we don’t crash, luckily we don’t. John got a little bit emotional today, not being homesick, but being van sick, he is really missing his Sprinter, this is the first time he has not had a van, I support and console him as best I can, but inside I am cursing his stupid bloody idea of selling the van and managing with just the car, but I won’t tell him that, because I am a loving and supportive partner!

In bed that night John asks me if I like the light shade and I say of course, at this point I realise I hadn’t even noticed it, so I say I was going to say it looked lovely, you should wait for a compliment not ask for it, to which John replies, how long should I wait I did it 2 days ago, bugger, it does look lovely but it seemed so normal I hadn’t noticed. I am getting scared now that I am beginning to get used to just light bulbs hanging that I no longer notice the finer things in life!

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