Wednesday, 13 February 2013

That Monday feeling 04.02.13

That Monday feeling 04.02.13

Monday appears to have become our regular shopping day and today is no different, we stock up on everything we need and head back to the house to continue work, I am having a bit of a bad day today, I have not spoken to Kayleigh for a couple of days and have convinced myself that I upset her the last time we spoke, I start to feel really down and wish I could pop round and check that everything is OK, but I can’t, I’m in France and today I feel like I am a million miles away.

I struggle to do anything today. I thought I had gotten over any form of homesick, but I haven’t, I miss my family and want to see them.

 I speak to Kayleigh on Skype and everything is fine, it was my imagination. This will happen and if you are far away and can’t speak to somebody, your imagination will run wild and you will have bad days, but they are just that, days.

I feel so relieved and don’t bother telling her I had been freaking out all day, as I now know it was silly but I realise these days will happen, I have to take the good with the bad, and luckily the bad are few and far between.

John has been ace all day, really supportive, at first when I told him what was wrong his response was what do you want me to do? I had to explain that I didn’t want him to do anything, I was having a bad day and when he realised this and realised I wasn’t expecting him to do anything, he did the right thing and just gave me a big hug, I do love this man!


  1. Hi Jenny
    isnt it horriable when you get homesick i did back in January as i missed my son,so glad to see all your lovely hard work is coming together you are both doing a grand job and i love reading your blogs and looking at your photos .

  2. Hi Wendy

    thank you, it is horrible to get homesick, but luckily it doesn't last long, Skype is a wonderful thing, along with face time and cheap Ryanair flights lol.

  3. Skype and MSN and the like were/are a godsend for those of us that leave...
    Glad it was just your imagination that made the day bad, and that everything is alright!
    Hugs are never bad! :)

  4. thanks an over active imagination is a dangerous thing!
    a hug can mend many things :)

  5. Sometimes everyone just needs a hug!

    We are away from home too at the moment (in Canada) and somedays it feels almost like home and others a million miles away.

    Kate x