Friday, 1 February 2013

Did you know baths had legs? 21.01.13

Did you know baths had legs? 

The bathroom is coming along at a great rate; John has exposed all of the stone wall and has removed the rest of the rotten old roof beam.

He has also found an old bottle of wine, which we can only assume is from when the bathroom was actually installed, here he is doing an impression of what we assumed the last builders looked like
we have decided to point the wall in white as this seems to be the most popular way in this area.

We spend ages trying to work out where to put the bath, we had intended to have it running alongside the pointed wall, so that this would make a perfect shelf for the candles and wine glasses, it will look amazing until John points out that bath has not got any legs on it yet and when they are added you wouldn’t actually see any of the old stone wall which would have made pointing it a bit ‘pointless’

this photo is further on in the renovations but you shows what we mean (how good would it've looked to have had the bath here?)

So we move things around and come up with the most effective layout. We also decide what to do with the different sized windows, we had planned to replace one so that they were the same size, but this would’ve meant having to apply for building permission as it would be changing the outside of the building.
We are going to have a wooden shelf along the top of the pointed wall and now will add some wooden shelves at one end, these will go to the ceiling and this means they will fit perfectly to the beginning of the smaller window, which will hide the fact that they are different sizes and give the appearance that this was planned. It will also hide the fact that the wooden shelf will be 4 inches too short, so the join will be under the shelf, again hiding this fact.

The window and length of wood are just 2 more obstacles, but with a bit of thought most obstacles can be overcome, oh and having a John also helps!

We also have fun trying to work out where everything will go and where the door will be, we currently have 2 doors as it was 2 different rooms. We make the decision and john starts to prepare the room, rebuild the wall and put the door in place

I redecorate the bathroom on the top floor and it is starting to look fantastic.


  1. Well done, it is looking great, it is oh so comforting to see things finally take shape and I can vouch for having a John being really helpful because I have one too..Roz :-)

  2. Thanks Roz, yes having a john is ace, and the house is definitely starting to take shape :)