Monday, 25 February 2013

Renovation project - toast on the fire

Renovation project - toast on the fire

Today is a day spent trying to get the house in order, we need to have as much space as possible on the first floor to start working properly and we need to rearrange the lounge to try and keep warm.

Another tip run completed so now all that is left is the pile of scrap metal on the living room floor, I will have to arrange for the scrap men to come and take this, along with the 4 old radiators on the first floor.

John starts to plaster the walls on the first floor, we have decided not to board them, which would be much easier, but would make the house look like a Barrats Homes box (please replace Barratts Homes with your own countries big new house build company) so John is trying to plaster undulating walls to make the walls smooth but not straight, which is what I wanted, John loves this, his main expertise in England was as a plasterer and he prided himself on smooth, straight walls and now he is having to deliberately not keep the walls flat, its killing him.

renovation project how to plaster old stone walls

That evening the living room is rearranged and the chairs are in front of the wood burner and the paraffin heater is behind us, Oh the warmth! Just a pity by the time you have made it to the top floor had a wash and cleaned your teeth, your blood has turned back to ice and the happy warm feeling is already a distant memory.

But on a positive note we can make toast on the wood burner

making toast on an open fire

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