Friday, 15 February 2013

Singing and dancing with the neighbours! 06.02.13

Singing and dancing with the neighbours! 06.02.13

The shower is going in today, without any shouting I might add. And when it is finished it looks fantastic, the instructions were really good, they were in a booklet in picture format, the first one showed the shower tray being sealed to the wall. This made no sense as the waste was to be connected later, so we ignore the pages and discover later that they were in no particular order and it is essential that you have some idea of what you are doing if you are to install it correctly.

I’m not sure if I have spoken about our next door neighbour, she is a little old lady (a very sprightly 80 year old) who we have already started to love dearly, she is very friendly, but does not speak a word of English, this does not stop us having many conversations, and I am sure much of my French is coming from chatting with her. 

The weather is dreadful again today and as I am passing her window on the way to the shop, she knocks to get my attention, I go back to her and she invites me in, we start to chat, her in French and me in Sat Nav and English, I explain that I am on my way to the shop and ask if she would like anything, I try to re phrase this in as many ways as I possibly can and end up saying moi pour vous, it doesn’t work but she recognises the words and starts singing me for you and you for me and dancing, I think what the hell and join in singing and dancing with her, it’s much more fun. After a few minutes we give up and I leave, but I leave with a smile on my face.

I also had quite an exciting evening with the blog, I had my first request to have a guest post with an offer of payment, I’m soo excited, somebody has found me and wants to advertise their company WOO HOO, I also had an online interview published today and found out via a twitter tweet, this was such a good feeling.
But I have found out, and here is where I am going to ask any regular readers a great big favour, if I am ever to turn this blog in to a book or become a travel writer I need to have a lot of followers, so please click on the follow button, go on you know you want to really.

I am not having any panics, but it may be worth making sure that when the house is finished and becomes a B&B, we have a second income to fall back on, and travel writing/blog writing seems the ideal solution. So many thanks in advance for your support.

So all in all a fabulous day, I think about this week and realise in just 3 days I have experienced every emotion known, I’m exhausted and its only Wednesday!!!!!


  1. very good solution , i was learning a lot from you , thank you

  2. Congratulations on the guest post and advertising. Love reading your blog, and am sure a book would be even better.

    Kate x