Saturday, 9 February 2013

fifty years of poop followed by a nice slice of cake! 02.02.13

fifty years of poop followed by a nice slice of cake! 02.02.13

We still have no water and only one bucket left for the toilet, so it is back to the shops to buy drinking water, I had forgotten how heavy these are to carry home, it seems an age ago since we had to buy drinking water and we realise just how far we have got.

John continues with the plumbing and I have a sort out of the other rooms, the old toilet waste pipes are down, this is not a nice job, if you are going to do this make sure you wear gloves and preferably a face mask, also be aware that pipes did not used to be made from plastic, so this is asbestos and over a fifty years worth of somebody else's poop, really not a nice job but one that has to be done.

I also go to the patisserie and buy thank you cakes for Brian. Normally you would buy a bottle of wine as a thank you gift but it is just not the same in France (mainly because the wine is so cheap) so cakes tend to be a better thank you gift, I also have to get us one each as they are just so irresistible.

By late afternoon we have water again, it is so nice to be able to turn the tap on and to be able to use the toilet!

We give the new bathroom a coat of paint, this is so easy with an empty bathroom, we had intended to give it a second coat but to be honest we are so knackered and it’s getting late that we decide not to bother and have a lovely supper of the cakes bought earlier, and yes they taste as nice as they look.

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