Saturday, 2 March 2013

Renovation project - I have a posh new blog!!!

Renovation project - I have a posh new blog!!!

Where has the weekend gone? The time just seems to fly by here and I don’t feel like we have done an awful lot, but somehow we haven’t stopped. We have realised the days mean nothing here, I remember the days of looking forward to the weekend, finishing work, going for a drink in Manchester coming home and then doing something exciting, how my life has changed, half the time we don’t even realise it’s the weekend, unless we have forgotten to buy something and all of the shops are shut!!!!.

But my big news is the new blog is up and running, I love it, the redesign was completed by Aylx and she is just amazing, however her idea of simple is quite different to mine, I needed to add another magazine link to the blog and she said no problem she will e-mail me some simple instructions.

OMG, it was the scariest e-mail I had ever seen!!!!!! 

How do these people believe this stuff is easy? She also had to be made an admin on the blog, to put it in place, simple, I changed her to admin, and me to author and hey presto, I am locked out of it, bugger!!!!!!! (But now you know why I was off for a day), again nothing fazed her and she sorted me out. I do feel sorry for people who agree to do work on technophobes IT systems, they must think we grew up in the ark, but hey, ask me to do long division without a calculator or spell a word without spell check and I come into my own.

John has continued with the floor and it is now completed, we have no holes again, I do like the house without holes, it is so much nicer and safer.


  1. Hi Jenny:

    We just found you here: you seem to be having great fun! We're in France about half-time (but in the UK until the end of March), and we're also renovating. We've a blog with lots of holes that we hope to fill in and it's at Did that work?


  2. Hi Nigel

    we are, most of the time!

    good luck with your renovation, obviously doing it the sensible way, during summer lol

    1. Yes, we were basically surviving the cold last winter, and then it rained! We spent spring and some of the summer bailing out, filling in roof holes and channelling water. Our ditch (stream, major flood, ...) ran like a small river most of the year. Obviously, this is normal for France!

    2. Oh no, hopefully it won't rain as much this year!

  3. Love the look of your new design.

    Kate x

  4. Thanks Kate, I'm really impressed with it :)