Saturday, 6 April 2013

Renovation project - Where is the sander - where did you put it?

Renovation project - Where is the sander - where did you put it?

It’s back to the floor. We have a good look at it and John decides that it does need sanding rather than scrubbing, I’m so glad he waited till now to decide this. Just think I could’ve spent yesterday doing something dreadful like my nails rather than having so much fun scrubbing over a hundred years worth of dirt (and goodness knows what else) of those floorboards!

We also need to sand the walls where the new plaster is.

We have one of those strange conversations once we decide we are going to sand the floor and walls, such as where is the belt sander? It goes a bit like this:

John: - where is the sander
Me:- where did you put it
John: - I told you to put it away
Me:- no you didn’t, where did you put it
John: - you must’ve thrown it away!!!!!!!!

How the hell do you throw away a power tool, but it gets better, because we actually had 2, apparently I have somehow managed to throw both away!!!!!

I then spend the rest of the day searching for 2 missing sanders; needless to say they can’t be found.
Now that all the plumbing is in place, John can finish the plaster board in the new bathroom, we also get to add the toilet, and the straight connector goes in and allows the toilet to be further away from the original wall.

This cannot be seen once the plaster board is in place and you would have no idea that this wasn’t the original wall. We had considered just boxing in the pipe work, but for the amount of work this would have involved compared to the extra bit of space provided it really wasn’t worth it, plus I really don’t think a wall that is designed to have so many different shapes and sticky out bits (john will love this when he reads it!) looks good. So the new plaster board wall covers a multitude of sins. But in this case only cosmetic unlike the false walls in our friends house!!!!!


  1. Hi, I'm glad I droped by for a visit to check up on progress. I love your post. Maybe the sander is with the saw, in the tool shed.

    1. thanks Sheila, it's nice to have you on board, and no the sander had completely disappeared lol

  2. The sander will be where nobody left it...