Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Renovation project - Sanding and stropping

Renovation project - Sanding and stropping

I’m now sanding the floor, this is taking forever. If you are ever to sand to this extent, make sure that you wear a good quality face mask and have lots of ventilation, the dust is horrendous and you do not want to be breathing this in.

But the results do look fantastic, we had considered using an industrial sander but we want to make sure that the floor boards retain some character, plus we have not found any hire shops in this part of France. We do not know if hire shops actually exist

John is plastering the joints in the new bathroom and then goes onto the entrance to the back of the house and fills and plasters around this entrance. John also patches up the last bits of the floor. These are all little bits of jobs but they make such a difference when finished.

This may sound like we haven’t done much but the day disappears before we have finished, how and why?
We are knackered so we treat ourselves to a bottle of wine and a film and suddenly it is 3 am!!!! We go to bed and at 7.30am I am wide awake and somehow we find ourselves having a row about who has most of the bed, I get in to a real strop and storm downstairs so John can sleep. He appears at 9am and I ask why he is up, at which point he states that he couldn’t go back to sleep, Great, does this ever happen to you? Surely if your partner can’t go back to sleep the nice thing to do is to get up so that the one having a strop can go back to bed and get some sleep!!!!

We both go back to bed at about 10am and I sleep till early afternoon, John has got up and done more gardening but I am knackered all day and do very little.
But the garden is looking good

We are due at Sheila’s and Brains for dinner this evening and we are yet again the most rubbish guests as we forgot it was Easter and the shops are shut so we can’t buy any wine to take with us.

I’m really embarrassed and blame John but luckily they don’t mind, dinner was wonderful, Brian invites John to watch the football tomorrow and I arrange to go for a walk with Sheila and her little dog Lola.
We leave very late and realise that my mobile phone does not have a torch app on it, in our village all the street lights apart from the town square are switched off at 1 am, so we walk home in the pitch black.

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