Monday, 22 April 2013

Renovation project - its finally coming together!

Renovation project - its finally coming together!

Today is a busy day, the stairs are looking good and it’s time to give the bedroom a coat of paint. The room looks so different, I love this part of the project as you really feel you are getting somewhere especially as I have felt we have been working like mad men and not seeing any improvements.

We also have a busy day trying to get ready for our visit to the UK at the weekend; I haven’t actually booked the ferry yet! But I get on to it this evening and we are all booked and ready to go. We have a day crossing from Roscoff to Plymouth. This is the shortest trip for us as it only takes 40 mins to get to Roscoff, the day on the ferry and the afternoon to drive to Manchester.

We have booked a cabin even though we have a day sailing, this is definitely worth considering, because on Brittany ferries you have to book a reclining chair each at a cost of £5 each and over the course of a 6 hour ferry crossing you will buy a number of very expensive coffee’s and be bored rigid, with a cabin you pay £30 approx and have tea and coffee facilities, a TV and an en suite bathroom (very handy for those suffering from sea sickness!!!!) it really is a no brainer.

We speak to our friend with the bed and try to arrange to collect the bed, bearing in mind we are now leaving the day after tomorrow. We realise that she also needed the work completing before we left so John will pop around tomorrow which means I will be responsible for packing and for those that know me well, know that will not be a good idea!


  1. Hi Jenny great to see the project looking so good , enjoy your break we are also having in a break in the UK from Friday and i agree about the cabins coming from someone who does not travel well can never find my sea legs ha ha

    1. Hi Wendy, have a lovely break, hopefully we will both find our sea legs at some point :)