Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Renovation project - the plumbing works

Renovation project - the plumbing works

It’s back in the house and working on the middle floor again, it now feels like we have been doing this floor forever! But actually it has only been a couple of weeks and we have made a bedroom and a bathroom from nothing, so maybe we’re not doing so badly.

There are times though when it feels like it will never finish. This isn’t helped by the fact that the new people in the restaurant are going at it like nobody’s business, but they also have at least 3 vans turning up every day full of workers, my competitive side turns up a notch, I cannot let them finish before us, the fact that they have a full team of electricians, plumbers, builders and roofers doesn’t come in to it (you just know this isn’t going to be good for John!)

Today is also the day when we can get the last of the plumbing in place, apart from the toilet, but I needed to write that it was coming to an end, for my own peace of mind. the taps are put in place so it is time to test them, this is quite nerve wracking, the water is turned off and every final connecter is put in place (with the elusive isolation valves) and success it all works, hooray, we know have 3 fully working bathrooms (well almost, we still have to put the doors on the shower but that will not take long, and of course the toilet, but as I said this post is for my peace of mind, so I am stickling to we are nearly finished!).

John does his little celebration dance, at some point I will video this; it is so cute to watch somebody of Johns size and nature to dance a little jig!

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