Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Renovation project - Waxing, Wine and Wilmslow Artisan Market

Renovation project - Waxing, Wine and Wilmslow Artisan Market

Last night was lovely we babysat for the first time, and realised I am not very good at it, apparently babies sometimes make a noise in their sleep and this doesn’t mean they need getting up and feeding, this will be handy to know for next time.

I catch up on the blog this morning and baby poppy decides to help, it’s so nice she sat on my knee and seemed to watch what I was doing, though cutting and pasting is harder when you only have one hand.

We went for a trip to the artisan market in Wilmslow, http://www.theartisanmarket.co.uk/ this is an amazing market in a small Cheshire town and if you ever get to visit the UK I would highly recommend it, there are many beautiful villages in this area and a lot of big name over paid Manchester football players live around the area, you can sit at a pavement cafe and people watch for hours.

The stalls at the market were wonderful and we got chatting to a couple who owned a pie stall, called Great North Pie Company http://greatnorthpie.co/about so if you did look us up, hello your pies were amazing!!!!!

You may wonder how a pie can be amazing but when you consider a pie with a title such as Short Rib of Beef, Potato & White Onion Cream you begin to understand what we mean.

great north pie company, wilmslow artisan market

The other amazing pie stall was Lane Ends Farm, http://www.laneendsfarmshop.com/ we also bought one of these and I have never seen so much beef in a steak and ale pie, I’m sure there must’ve been half a cow in this pie!

lane ends farm shop, wilmslow artisan market

There were other stalls that had a selection of handmade food and goods and I think I could’ve spent a small fortune on the nick knacks (had we had a small fortune to spend and a car big enough to carry everything!).
In the centre of the market there was a live band and some amazing food stalls (yes food did play a big part of the day!)

wilmslow artisan market

wilmslow artisan market

 the queues were quite long so this helped the decision on what to eat, the stall with the smallest queue, this was a bratwurst, OMG it was amazing as you can see!

Kaiserwurst, wilmslow artisan market

wilmslow artisan market

The couple of hours spent here was really nice and it will definitely become a regular feature on our trips back to the UK.

The afternoon was spent at the beauticians, I have still not trusted my French enough to find one in Huelgoat, so my visit to Prestige beauty in Reddish is always looked forward too, and I was able to get an appointment with the fabulous Bobby Jo.

The evening is to be spent with friends so lots of wine, more food and good company round off a perfect day

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