Sunday, 14 April 2013

Renovation Project - The sanding continues

Renovation Project - The sanding continues

Monday and Tuesday are spent on the floor, yet more sanding, and more sanding, but it is starting to look good.

John continues with bits and pieces around the house. We are getting ready to decorate the middle floor. Light pendants go in, the light in the bathroom is fitted, trims are added to the walls around the landing and the stairs have some repairs made to them.

It is yet again a couple of those days where we do not stop, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of progress.

I do however make a very nice lunch, Croque Monsieur, this is the French version of cheese on toast, but has a really creamy cheese sauce, it looks and tastes fabulous.

We decide that we want to give the ceiling a first coat of paint so I swap from sanding the floor to sanding the walls. The jointing plaster has to be sanded as smooth as possible, the dust from this is unbelievable and a face mask is an absolute must.

Once all the sanding is complete and the room swept and hovered, I do the knocking in and John completes with a roller, as the ceiling is wood we sealed it with a coat of undercoat. It is always a good idea when painting new wood to give a coat of oil based undercoat, this will stop the emulsion paint from sinking (soaking) into the wood.


  1. Wow it looks great can't believe how far you've got!!!

    1. Aww thanks, should be down stairs soon :)